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Welcome to the CenturyLink Local Network/National Network Services, Engineering and Construction Technical Standards Competency Certification Tool.

NOTE: These exams are specifically designed for the assessment of engineering and installation workmanship competencies for sub-contracted Service Suppliers (e.g., Line Extension Contractors) of facility-based installation services within CenturyLink and INCLUDES BOTH Local Network central offices and National Network Services facility locations.

Supplier Attestation

I hereby validate and verify that I am the subcontractor specified and approved to gain access and perform work authorized by the CenturyLink Supplier/Vendor Line Extension Contracting process. I also understand that if I forward my authentication credentials to another individual or act in any manner contrary to this Disclosure, I have then deliberately committed fraud and that my CenturyLink Access & Badging privileges will be revoked upon demand and will be subjected to any fines, legal proceedings AND penalties arising from these inappropriate actions.

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